Pastor? Yes or No

Regardless of what I’ll admit or say out loud, some days I ponder the possibility of becoming a minister, and I think… I can totally do this. This is what God is calling me to be. Other days, I think that if I were in charge of the spiritual formation of other human beings we would all be royally screwed. The thing that terrifies me about the possibility of discerning that I have been called to the ministry is Continue reading


I’m Alive :)

Dearest friends,

I have posted my weekly reflections for the past three weeks of my internship. Yes, your harassing texts and Facebook messages have coerced me into finally catching up. I appreciate the accountability! Let me tell you, working in a church is no joke. I don’t see how pastors of any kind get sleep. At all. My hats off you brave men and women pastors. Since I have been MIA, let me assure you I am answering Facebook messages as I can, and wifi can be a bit spotty. Continue reading