EXPLORE: Week 2: Forming a Routine

EXPLORE Internship Reflection: (May 26th – May 31st)

The second week was a bit more calm in the sense that I started to get my feet wet and the whole church staff was final in the office by the end of the week.

Monday was Memorial Day. I basically slept (giving a pint of blood and trying to remember a lot of names is exhausting!) and prowled Pinterest for ideas for a rising 7th grade girl’s bible study. I also prayed a lot for the people I would meet this summer and that I would somehow bless their lives as much as they would bless my life.

Tuesday was a big day. I started out at our senior’s weekly breakfast at a local diner (at 7:30am). Haha I got to the office around nine, where I met our associate pastor for the first time, who had been on vacation the week before. She and I hit it off very well, and I enjoyed hearing her take on life and her role in ministry in the church. Later, she and I went on my very first hospital visit to see our choir director’s mother who had just had surgery that day. For lunch that day, I dined with a couple and another church member that showed me firsthand how the church family I was a part of was so welcoming and loving. The married couple had lived in California before they came to the area, and the other guy that ate lunch with us is the reason that they settled here. He had called the couple as a part of his job, when he didn’t really know them well, and he went above and beyond his call of duty and his job because he liked them so much. He called schools to register tours four their kids while they were in town among other things. What a sweetie! Later, I arrived at the church for a 8:45pm softball game, and was greeted with an ambulance where a church member had gotten hit in the face with a ball. What a day!

Wednesday, I got to experience my first full-fledged worship planning committee. I was able to sit in on the meeting last week, but it was fast and no one really said all that much. With our associate pastor back, there were important things to discuss about worship flow and things got heated. There was healthy conversation, thought. No one was hostile, and everyone valued each other’s opinions, but there were valid, strong opinions from all involved. I love healthy confrontation and enjoyed analyzing the group dynamics. For dinner, I met a woman and her daughter from the congregation at a local pizza place to get to know them.

Thursday, I was able to have dinner with another church member. We had chicken quesadillas at her home, and then in a freak storm, we were stuck in her house for two and a half hours after dinner. She lived on a mountain, and from a balcony upstairs in her home, you could see the outline of a big city in the background and among the trees, you could see the church’s steeple. We stayed on that balcony watching the storm get closer and closer and the lightning strike all around. It was beautiful. When the storm got too close for comfort and we felt the hair stand up on our arms from the lighting, we went inside and watched the Big Band Theory.

Friday, (my day off… haha) I went in the office normal time to check in with everyone and go home, and instead I had too much to do and stayed. I watched five hours of Nest videos (animated bible stories) to decide which we were going to use for children’s summer Sunday school. I also cut communion bread to be served on Sunday. That was certainly a new and exciting experience. I had never really thought about who cut the bread. I was overwhelmed by the whole process. It was not the physical act of cutting the bread that was overwhelming. It was the thought that I was holding and sculpting something that would represent the broken body of Christ broken for the sins of humanity. I, totally human, and totally broken, was reminded of my own salvation through Jesus Christ as I prepared the reminder for others. Later, I went to a Christian bookstore with our youth director to get the curriculum book that I wanted for my bible study, but it was not there. We sat for an hour and a half on the floor in the bookstore looking through what they had, and we did not find anything we liked, so we decided we would go back to the drawing board and get some dinner. After dinner, we went back to the church, and I stayed to serve in our youth center until 10:30pm, when it closed. It was mostly middle school students there, and one guy, who told me he thought I was 14 (thanks? Haha) tried to flirt with me. Oh middle schoolers! J

Saturday, I got up early and drove home for the graduation ceremony of my own pastor’s daughter. What a spectacular young woman she is! She has faced hardship after hardship in her life, and she has risen to every occasion! I am so proud of her and so honored to call her a friend! I also got to visit with my family and to celebrate my mother’s birthday while in town before driving back to my host home that night.


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