I’m Alive :)

Dearest friends,

I have posted my weekly reflections for the past three weeks of my internship. Yes, your harassing texts and Facebook messages have coerced me into finally catching up. I appreciate the accountability! Let me tell you, working in a church is no joke. I don’t see how pastors of any kind get sleep. At all. My hats off you brave men and women pastors. Since I have been MIA, let me assure you I am answering Facebook messages as I can, and wifi can be a bit spotty.

Anyway, I didn’t just make this blog to tell you about my church experiences as an intern, so I will be posting other things. I know that some of you don’t care much for church or anything related to it, so I appreciate the fact you have responded and reflected upon my posts already out of respect for the fact that it’s important to me. You ladies and gents are gems! Anyway… I’m not sure what shape my other posts will take, though, so be patient with me. They will likely be jumbled messes of words, and subjects in which I am wrestling. Haha Translated, this means, as you probably guessed, nothing is off limits. Hince: #nofilter.

So… outside of my abbreviated posts on my day to day activities, I have compiled a list of things I have learned over the past three weeks in my internship that wouldn’t necessarily fit in my reflections or I thought of in reflection of the reflection.

Lessons (life and otherwise) learned from the first three weeks of being a College Summer Intern…

(Welcome to the inner dialogue in my head. When I say “you” I am basically talking to myself in this post. It was just easier to process the words this way.)

  • Days off are not really days off… and the biggest blessings will often come on your “days off.” Accept it and wait with an open heart to feel the Holy Spirit move you to be where you need to be.
  • Older people often do not understand boundaries in what is appropriate and not appropriate to say to you. However, there comes a point when being senile isn’t the cause or a valid excuse for inappropriate comments and behavior.
  • If a sweet, little lady offers to feed you something… the appropriate response is “Yes, Ma’am. Thank you.” She may get very offended if you turn her down.
  • You will have to explain what your role in the church for the summer is a million times… rehearse it in the mirror so you don’t stutter like an idiot when it comes time to retrieve the words.
  • Call your mother often. Her first offspring is getting married in September, and her baby has been gone to college and is now gone all summer.
  • Church softball is not a joke.
  • Camp meetings still happen.
  • When giving blood on your very first day in a church community, do not try to have a full conversation with someone after you give a pint and before you sit down and eat something.
  • Preparing communion is such an amazing and humbling experience. When you realize you’re cutting bread that serves as Jesus’s broken body to remind church members the sacrifice Jesus made for their salvation…. Wow. It’s pretty spectacular.
  • In the south, when someone in the church invites you to a family reunion, recognize that it is a possibility that you are going to show up to a reunion with half of the church present.
  • People watching is way more entertaining that I could have ever imagined.
  • The more you pray for people that you have not seen in a while, the more you miss them and look forward to seeing them again.


These are just a few lessons I could think of off the top of my head. You’ll see more as they come to me.


What do you think??

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